Pattern Services

We offer pattern services for those that do their own stained glass work.

Do you have a photo that you would like made into a pattern?  Or do you have a stained glass pattern that you would like printed out on cricut to eliminate the need to have multiple copies, cutting out & pasting to glass?

Basic cutting for vinyl materials(11.2 in wide maximum)

  • Regular Vinyl (up to 2sq ft) 
  • Smart Vinyl (longer 2sq ft)   
  • Reg Vinyl - $2/Sq Ft
  • Smart Vinyl - $4/Sq Ft  
Pattern is in system already (only needs to be re-cut on vinyl - service charge)
  • $5 + Basic

Basic Pattern Setup - black & white, just lines, no numbers and the size is already correct (requires scanning)

*** keep in mind that the cut lines may not be smooth.  This is fine for most suncatchers, but not recommended for panels as lines are sometimes uneven and wider than needed.

  • $15 + Basic
Pattern has numbers or other data/markings - This requires scanning into computer, print out on paper, remove all extra markings manually. Rescan "clean" pattern and import into Glass Eye 2K, trace design and make all adjustments, including line corrections, breaking design to print in sections and sizing to enable pattern to converted to JPG and cut through cricut application
  • $25/Hr + Basic