Classes are schedule based on individual student's needs.

Thursdays:                         1 pm - 9 pm

Fridays:                              10 am - 5 pm

Saturdays:                          9 am - 4 pm

                      (2 sessions  9-12 or 10-4)

Introduction to Stained Glass - $225

Have you seen incredible works of art in stained glass and wondered how it was made?  Would you like to learn a new media for your creativity?  Come take a class with us.  We will teach you the skills you need to create beautiful art work.  Our Intro to Stained Glass class includes everything you need, patterns, glass, foil, solder and framing.  You will use our tools and in 10+ hours you will have a completed your stained glass project and you will have learned the skills you need to move forward into the world of glass.   Minimum age is 16.

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Intermediate Stained Glass - $80

Once you've graduated from our Intro to Stained Glass, the opportunity is yours to choose designs to conquer.  Our intermediate class consists of 10 hours of studio time using our tools.  At this stage, we recommend our students purchase their own tools to use at home (purchase our Starter Bundle and receive 15% off).  There are many activities in creating stained glass that can be accomplished out of the studio. In this class we will instruct on pattern creation, patinas and framing.  Students will be responsible for purchasing all consumables, i.e., glass, foil, solder, framing, flux, vaseline, glue, polish, etc.