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Jellyfish                                                                5-6 Hours                                                 $75 + Cost of Glass

Our most fun fusing project so far!!  Come in and make your own Fused Glass Jellyfish Windchime!  First session will be cutting out all the pieces and prepping for the kiln.  Your second session will be assembling your jellyfish.  Fee includes instructions, fusing & fiber paper, wire and 3 kiln firings.  You will pick and purchase glass from our selection available.  This workshop will take 2 sessions. 

Christmas Tree Dish                                              2-3 Hours                                                 $50 for Small Tree

                                                                                                                                                  $65 for Large Tree​

It's never too early to start making gifts or decorations for the holidays!  Come in and make your own gorgeous Christmas Tree for yourself or to give as a gift.  We provide special glass for this - Green Adventurine - that come out as a beautiful dark green full of sparkles and shimmer!  Add other bits of glass or frit to decorate your tree.  We will then fire your tree twice in the kiln - one to fuse it all together and the second time to slump it into a dish.  One 2-3 hour session is all it will take to decorate your tree!  Fee includes instructions, green adventurine fusing glass, scrap glass or frit for decorating, fusing paper and 2 kiln firings.  

Suncatchers and/or Ornaments                            2-3 Hours                             $15 each using glass from stock

                                                                                                                             $20 each using glass frit with molds

Make a fun suncatcher or holiday ornament!  We have so many molds you can choose from, or make your own creation on a base piece of glass and we will fuse it all together for you.  The possibilities are endless!!   Fees are as listed above for the first item, then a discount of $5 each for multiple pieces completed on the same day.  Fee includes glass/frit, fusing paper, wire for hook, suction cup to hang if you'd like and 1 kiln firing.  This workshop takes 1 session. 

Fused Glass Workshops

Nightlight                                                                 3 Hours                                                 $35 stationary

                                                                                                                                                $40 hanging

Your imagination is the only limitation with this project!  You can create either a stationary nightlight, or one that hangs in front of the bulb.    Workshop fee includes fusible glass from our class stock, or you may purchase glass of your choice from our wide selection of fusible glass.  The fee alslo includes ONE kiln firing.  This workshop will take 1-2 sessions. 

Soap Dish                                                               2-3 Hours                                                 $40 + Cost of Glass

Come in and make your own soap dish - completely original - for your bath or a guest bath.  You can create something to perfectly match your decor!  One 2-3 hour session in which you will cut and arrange your glass.  Fee includes instructions, use of our cutting tools, fusing paper and 2 kiln firings.  We have a large selection of glass for you to purchase from to create your own original piece!!  This workshop takes 1 session and then you can pick up after we've fired it in the kiln for you. 

**Please Note:  Our classes fill up very quickly and students are on waiting lists to join in.  If you have reserved a seat in a class and cannot attend, please be considerate and call and notify us 24 hours in advance.  Otherwise we will be forced to charge you $25 for each seat you had reserved.

Woven Glass Dish                                                2-3 Hours                                                 $50 + Cost of Glass

A beautiful piece to display, or use on a coffee table to accent the colors in your home.  One session of 2-3 hours in which you will cut and arrange your glass.  Fee includes instructions, use of our cutting tools, fusing paper and 2 kiln firings.  You provide the fusible glass or purchase from our wide selection of patterns and colors available.  This workshop takes 1 session. 

Slumped Bowls or Plates                                        1-2 Hours                                      Cost of Glass + Kiln Fees​

This is where YOUR creativity can shine!   Come in and choose from our beautiful glass, or start with a clear glass base and create your own design.  We will then fuse everything together first, then "slump" your design into a bowl or plate of your choosing!  Come in and play!!  Fees will be based on the glass chosen, fusing paper needed and number of times we fire your piece in the kiln.    

Fused Clock                                                           4-5 Hours                                                $40 + Cost of Glass

We have received SO many compliments on our Studio Clock - so we are offering a workshop so you can make your own!  Workshop fee covers instructions, use of our tools, clock mechanism and kiln firing.  You will purchase the glass of your choice from our wide selection of fusible glass.  This workshop will take 2-3 sessions. 

The holidays are coming and we have Gift Certificates that make awesome presents.
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